Batch System vs. Automated Line Powder Coating Systems

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Batch System vs. Automated Line Powder Coating Systems.

One of the most common questions asked of those in the powder coating integration industry is whether to use a manual batch-type system or an automated line.

The answer isn’t always easy: Batch systems and automated lines use different approaches to powder coating, each with their own advantages.

Here are some of the most useful tips for deciding whether a batch or automated system best suits a coater’s needs.

[Consider the Volume of Work and the Nature of the Parts]

If you’re dealing with thousands of similarly sized parts per shift, an automated system is probably your best bet. The more varied the shape and size of the parts, the less advantage an automated system typically offers.

[Determine How Quickly You’ll Need Parts to be Coated]

If the coating process outpaces the manufacturing process, a batch system is ideal. If the powder coating process delays output, an automated system may help.

[Evaluate Floor Space]

Batch systems generally take up less room, so they’re better for businesses that can’t spare extra space.

[Consider Your Budget]

Batch systems are significantly cheaper than comparable automated lines, usually costing less than half as much, so if your budget is tight it might be best to start with a batch system.

No matter what type of system is used, have a plan for growth and size your equipment accordingly.

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