Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing: the Artistry of Powder Coating with Forms + Surfaces

In an insightful article from PF Online titled “Powder Coating Forms and Surfaces,” we gain a glimpse into the world of Forms + Surfaces, a company that excels in crafting and finishing outdoor and architectural furniture and fixtures. Their client base is diverse, including municipalities, park districts, retail, and hospitality companies. With facilities spanning the globe, they undertake projects from concept to completion, crafting exquisite, visually captivating furniture and fixtures for the most discerning brands and companies.

Forms + Surfaces: Masters of the Craft The Pittsburgh location of Forms + Surfaces is a testament to their commitment to excellence. In 2019, they invested $2 million in a state-of-the-art powder coating line, a significant upgrade from their previous batch system. This automated line, complemented by manual contour spraying, ensures an even and precise coating application on complex parts. The line operates at a brisk pace of six meters a minute, and once the powder is applied, the products are cured at 400°F for 30 minutes, solidifying the finish.

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