Coating Uptown: Precision Finishing for Cleveland’s Iconic Structure

Summary: Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company was involved in the “Uptown Building Project” in Cleveland, Ohio, providing powder coating services for the building’s extruded aluminum siding. Custom racking was developed and laser cut for the project. After an initial pre-treatment process, the siding received a bone-white powder coating. By the end of the project, both 105,000 linear feet and 125,000 sq. feet of siding were processed with consistent thickness values. This project highlights the company’s ability to handle large-scale assignments while maintaining quality.

Industry: Architecture
Process: Powder Coating, Laser Cutting, Pre-Treatment
Category: Contract Manufacturing

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, we offer consistent powder coating services with an emphasis on customer requirements and quality. In a recent project, a client from the architectural sector sought our expertise for the “Uptown Building Project” in Cleveland, Ohio. We were responsible for the finishing of the extruded aluminum siding, which had dimensions of 14” in height, 25’ in length, a thickness of 1/8”, and weighed 2.8 pounds per linear foot.

For this specific project, we designed and manufactured custom racking that was laser cut using our Trumpf 2500 watt TruCoax Laser System. Our facilities include a coating line suitable for large parts, handling lengths up to 26’.

Before the actual coating, the siding underwent a thorough pre-treatment process designed to provide durability, especially considering the colder climates of Cleveland. We then applied a bone-white powder coating in line with AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 standards. During the process, routine visual checks ensured the parts met the required standards. In total, 105,000 linear feet and 125,000 sq. feet of siding were finished, achieving a uniform thickness between 2.8 mils and 3.4 mils.

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Powder Coating Of extruded Aluminum Siding Project Highlights

Product DescriptionPowder Coated 105,000 linear feet of building Siding for The uptown building Project In cleveland, Ohio.The project has won several architectural awards. We powder Coated AAMA 2604 siding at 25 foot lengths.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary:Powder Coating

Racking-Laser Cut
Internally with our Trumpf 2500 watt coax Laser

Overall Part DimensionLength:14″
Width:2.8# Per Linear foot
Coating MaterialAAMA 2604 Bone White Powder
Coating Thickness2.8-3.4 mils
In process testing/inspection performedVisual Inspection
Industry for UseArchitectural,Industrial and decorative Powder Coating
Volume105,600 linear feet; 125,000 Square feet
Delivery/Turn around time15 working days
Delivery LocationCleveland,Ohio
Standards MetCustomers Specification
Product NameArchitectural Powder Coating
Customer FocusConsistency through the material and Color and thickness.Quality of Pretreatment to last in the harsh Cleveland winters