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Still hanging on the fence in powder coating? We share seven reasons on why you should consider powder coating over traditional wet paint techniques.

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1. Durability –The most significant advantage of powder coating is its added durability. A powder-coated wood piece will give resistant to moisture, chemicals, heat and minor scratches. The cabinets are designed to last lifelong, and are fully competent of withstanding intense temperatures, spills and a little forceful handling.
2. Versatile Design–In powder coating it is easier to create an even finish on shaped and contoured parts which gives product and display designer’s a freedom to make blueprint without worrying about coating limitations.
3. Environment Friendly – Powder coating is an environmentally friendly practice. In this process up to 98 percent of the overspray can be reclaimed which is used for the next venture. Operators don’t need to worry about breathing because powder-coated wood does not emit any bad things. The wood used for powder coating is made of recycled wood fibers which does not contain any harmful formaldehyde resins.
4. Cost effectiveness – The ability to recycle so much of the overspray largely benefits the base line for clients. Also usage of energy-efficient ovens is a cost saver. Again the cost of capital investments in powder coat equipment is fairly competitive.
5. Effects and Colors – Powder coating enables offering a variety of textures and colors to use, it includes hammer tones, a glossy finish, a matte smooth finish or a micro texture and a nearly infinite number of custom colors. Remarkably a powder coated part will show less appearance difference between horizontally and vertically coated surfaces.
6. Branding Powder-coated Wood –There are several ways available to effectively brand powder-coated wood parts such as ink transfers, screen printing, digital printing, and vinyl printing with domed tags.
7. Antimicrobial Coatings –It offers an antimicrobial preservative which can be added to the powder, results a surface that is capable of killing germs on contact. This preservative is made of inorganic compounds which will also prevent any further bacterial development.